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As a holistic soap maker, passionate about helping you live better, I have enthusiastically held many conversations with all of you concerning various skin concerns. After years of these conversations, the most consistent concern many of you and your loved ones are dealing with is eczema or some other form of dermatitis. I have mentioned the well-studied connection… Read More IS ACID CAUSING YOUR ECZEMA?
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Is Your Facial Cleansing Routine Causing More Harm Than Good?

What’s In Your Soap? Overzealous face washing, can actually cause more harm than good. Constant washing with products designed to combat oiliness can strip skin of its own natural oils and compromise its barrier. This can set you up for irritation and derma-dehydration, especially if those products contain salicylic acid. Avoid cleansers that contain harsh surfactants,… Read More Is Your Facial Cleansing Routine Causing More Harm Than Good?
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Why Essential Oils Matter

An essential oil is the product obtained from flowers, buds, seeds, leaves, twigs, bark, herbs, wood, fruits and plant roots. The aromatic oil generally possesses a lower density than water and is extracted by hydro-distillation, steam distillation or dry distillation with the exception of citrus fruits. In citrus the oil is extracted (pressed) from the rind… Read More Why Essential Oils Matter
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Why Peppermint Is Good Therapy For Eczema!

For eczema sufferers, Peppermint essential oil provides good natural therapy. It’s soothing, calming (anti-inflammatory), anti-bacterial¹, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial. It also possesses strong antioxidant activity², and constituents proven to prevent cancerous growth. Let’s explore peppermint essential oil for a moment. Botanical Name: Mentha arvensis Plant Part: Herb Origin: India Extraction Method: Steam Distilled Main Constituents: Total Menthone:… Read More Why Peppermint Is Good Therapy For Eczema!
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Folliculitis, Razor Bumps, and Ingrown Hair

Folliculitis names the group of skin conditions in which there are inflamed hair follicles. The result is a tender red spot, often with a surface pustule. It can occur anywhere on the body where there are hairs, including chest, back, buttocks, arms and legs. According to DermNet New Zealand, acne and its variants are also types of folliculitis. Folliculitis barbae… Read More Folliculitis, Razor Bumps, and Ingrown Hair
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Skin Inflammation & Deeper Health Issues

Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection. As a self-maintaining system our bodies are always seeking self-preservation. It inherently seeks to remove harmful, foreign and toxic material like damaged cells, irritants, chemicals and bacteria and thus begin the healing process.  Inflammation of the skin is in fact, the effect of a variety of troublesome conditions, likely internal… Read More Skin Inflammation & Deeper Health Issues
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Inspired By You!

I’ve been crafting naturally organic soap for over three years now. It started when I sought to use my 1-acre property to jump start an urban farming initiative for the youth and young mothers in my community. It was such a therapeutic and grounding experience; it started me thinking about how ‘whole body health‘ in a… Read More Inspired By You!