About G.H. Soaps

G.H. Soaps (GHS) was established in 2014 out of a community organic urban gardening initiative started by Stephanie Willis in Detroit, MI. G.H. Soaps was born out of a love & respect for the harvest and all of the wellness related benefits that our earth brings. GHS maintains that love & respect by creating products that are clean (free from junk), which are purposefully designed to promote and support healthy skin, because GHS only uses natural, whole, single ingredients. 

Over the years since our beginning, our growth and success has come from listening to all of you. The skin solutions that we have created have all been birthed out of your inquiries, our consultations and conversations so thank you!

The G.H. Soaps community, created March 1, 2017, is purposed to provide a better way to share our journey, our knowledge and understanding with all of you and vice versa. We want to be a resource to more people, reaching beyond the one-to-one interaction. We learn from all of you just as you have learned from GHS. The more we share, the more you learn and the more you share, the more we learn.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of the community!

Stephanie Willis, Owner
G.H. Soaps & BodyTruth brands


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