BODYTRUTH is part of the G.H. Soaps brand. We are a small, family owned soap crafting operation, established in 2014 out of a community organic urban gardening initiative that we started in Detroit, MI. Our soaps were thus born out of our belief in whole body nutrition which promotes whole body healing. Whole body health & healing considers and includes nutrition, exercise, spiritual connection, detoxification and of course, natural skin care. BODYTRUTH was thus designed to support healthy skin, using completely natural ingredients. 

Our mission is simply to provide pure & natural skin care that helps you feel good in your skin! Our recipes use therapeutic herbs, butters and vitamin rich oils and we don’t skimp out on goodness. Our blog is purposed to provide a better way to share our journey, our knowledge and understanding with all of you and vice versa. We want to be a resource to more people, reaching beyond the one-to-one interaction. We learn from all of you just as you have learned from us. The more we share, the more we all learn.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a part of the community!

Stephanie Willis, Owner
G.H. Soaps & BodyTruth brands

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