Getting To Know Your Soap Maker

I’ll admit, I’m a super analytical, root cause seeking junkie, in a good way of course. Reading and researching is sort of a pastime. It’s a part of who I am. Now, soap making is somewhat of another pastime, a therapeutic endeavor however. Taking taking the two passions and merging them is how G.H. Soaps began.

I’ve been crafting soaps for just over three years now and I absolutely love it. Always being up for a challenge, I set out to focus on developing soaps that (1) are good to your skin and your whole body by using food grade ingredients (2) can address, ease or resolve a skin problem and (3) improve the look and feel of your skin. Who doesn’t like smooth, even-toned, baby soft skin?

The merging of my top two pastimes transformed my favs into a bit of an obsession. When I’m not crafting soap, I devote a great deal of time of my time to researching skin issues and seeking plant oils or herbs that have proven to demonstrate considerable improvement in alleviating those issues. I consult with my customers to find out about their skin challenges and discuss solutions. I attend webinars, workshops and perform research that discusses root causes so that I can help you to make the changes needed to address the root of the problem. My goal is always to seek a natural solution to help you achieve perfect, holistic harmony. All of these activities drive the development of products as each one is meant to improve your skin using the simple power of nature.

All of the soap recipes that I create are 100% natural, created with [clean green] ingredients that support healthy skin regeneration, vs synthetic ingredients created in a laboratory. Our soaps are biodegradable, and eco-friendly; made with sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging. Seriously, what more can you ask for in a soap?

At the end of the day, it is soap and while ‘soap’ is available all around, G.H. Soaps’ processes support a sustainable earth – no chemicals -no synthetics. We like to think we press forward with a green footprint, as we seek to avoid contributing to the toxicity of our environment and your body. I believe there are two types of soap makers in the world; those concerned with making money selling a commodity called soap and those concerned with meeting a need in a way that supports the common good of us all.

I am happy to be your humble, passionate soapmaker!