Inspired By You!

I’ve been crafting naturally organic soap for over three years now. It started when I sought to use my 1-acre property to jump start an urban farming initiative for the youth and young mothers in my community. It was such a therapeutic and grounding experience; it started me thinking about how ‘whole body health‘ in a new light. I began to consider how much better our health would be if we only put clean ingredients on our skin and not just focus on eating clean.

As I began connecting with more and more people suffering from chronic skin challenges, I started researching everything related to skin, including gut health, medications, stress, ingredients & chemicals in cosmetics as well as diet and nutrition. I wanted to get a better understanding of the synergy between the body’s various systems and the skin. Thus, a business was born.

G.H. Soaps and BODYTRUTH brand soaps are truly inspired by the community of friends, family, and customers who have over the years come to me seeking advice about their health, their skin and their struggles.

Each product was designed with specific challenges and often, specific people in mind. Each ingredient was carefully selected for its healing and supportive, properties. All of our products work in synergy with one another to provide sulfate-free cleansing, alcohol-free toning and junk-free moisturizing.

Our products support:

  • Acne management & natural blemish control
  • Healthy skin detoxing, which works in conjunction with inner whole body detoxing
  • Fragrance-free needs as there are ZERO fragrance oils used
  • Skin toning without stripping away skin’s natural oils
  • Eczema management, as all soaps and Shea butters address target concerns related to eczema including: dry, itchy, scaly skin, cracked & blistered skin, and protection from further damage and moisture loss.

Thank you for your continued support. We are always researching and creating new products to help you feel good in your skin.

Please use the comment section to share your skin journey or connect with us on social media. We’d love to hear from you!